Securing Your SIP Trunking for CHEAP!

Posted by:shabansky
27 July 0

For businesses of every size, the benefits of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) are: reduced costs, greater scalability, improved disaster recovery options and access to the productivity benefits enabled by Unified Communications. 

Sadly, we are living in times of continuous security threats and breaches.  Securing SIP trunking is often ignored, even though they present a high risk for voicemail hacking and denial of service attacks.

Even with the overwhelming benefits of SIP, due to the high cost of securing, many customers were hesitant to jump on board. But in the past year that has changed. The new generation of cloud based products can be downloaded and deployed within minutes, securing the voice network without impacting the cost benefits of SIP trunking.

For SIP trunk providers, like Coeo, it offers the ability to provide the customer with a viable and simple way to deploy ‘virtual’ SBC solution, aligning with the ‘per channel, per month’ charge typically used. This means the provider can also increase their value offering without risk of damaging the overall ROI.

VoIP, like anything connected to the internet, is vulnerable and companies are increasingly realizing the security risk. For vendors and re-sellers alike, actively raising the issue of security is therefore an opportunity to increase revenue, gain competitive advantage and build long-term customer engagement.