The Coeo SD-WAN Solution is a technology that delivers almost infinitely scalable Software Defined Wide Area Networking to the distributed enterprise. Configure your WAN requirements in whatever way best suits your needs. Coeo appliances can be configured with up to four Internet connections – mix cable, xDSL, cellular etc. for the level of resiliency and redundancy most suited to your needs. You can choose how each connection is used, set priority for each circuit and/or load balance across multiple circuits.  With our SD-WAN Cloud Connector, Coeo-connected small sites can connect to resources over extremely reliable broadband-connected SD-WAN connections.

Cloud Based Management

Cloud-Based Management Perform network administration and configuration from anywhere. All you need is an Internet connection and a web browser.

PCI DSS Compliance

Our unique Level One PCI DSS certification and solution can assist merchants of any size to secure credit card data.

Content Filtering

Set limits on the types of websites that can be accessed from your network, including blacklist/whitelist or block all.


Usage Reporting

Get detailed information about Internet usage at each network location and set thresholds to help control data costs.

Security Status Alerts

Real-time notification of potential network issues, including worm alerts, intrusion detection, unauthorized devices and more.

Easy VPNs

Create secure links between Coeo-protected locations in three easy clicks, all without a static IP address.


Cellular Failover

Maintain network connections by automatically switching to high-speed mobile data if fixed-line networks go down.


Coeo offers activation of up to four private or guest Wi-Fi networks per site. Whether you have one, 10 or 10,000 locations, Coeo’s Wi-Fi networking capabilities are simple to set up, highly reliable and centrally managed.

White Glove Support

When there is a problem we call you FIRST. We pride ourselves on phenomenal support and are always here for you.





Some reasons why you should choose Coeo as your service provider.

U.S. Based

A local presence with global reach. Like a true partner, we are here with you side by side.

State of the Art Technology

Network and SIP infrastructure, Built from the ground up. No legacy problems!

Full Network Transparency

100% transparency of our network to our clients. View your network and ours in real time.

24/7 White Glove Support

When there is a problem we call you FIRST. We pride ourselves on phenomenal support.



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