How can your company handle securing BYOD?

Posted by:shabansky
31 August 0

It is clear there is no stopping BYOD. But how to deal with it has caused many headaches for IT security teams at companies. They have to assess the various threats associated as well as find ways to secure them.

Most companies have Wi-Fi therefore all employees can access it with their password. Rarely, are there systems in place to control what devices access the network. If the device is not equipped with the required level of malware protection, it can be potentially dangerous to the entire network security. Before BYOD, security managers had a good idea of what devices were attaching to the company's network but that is no longer the case.

Besides being overwhelmed by the influx of BYOD and IoT devices, there are concerns about the current security protection methods being able to keep the network secure. It is recommended that the company improve the security of the devices that attach to the company’s infrastructure. 

Some suggested ways to improve the security of personal computing devices are the following: creation of a trusted network; development of policy-based security configurations, with support for hierarchal and multi-source policies; formation of security marketplaces to trade applications and exchange best practice policies and protection for IOT environments, where nodes typically have limited computational and communication capabililities

There is no doubt that BYOD and IOT devices are here to stay. Platforms that are secured should help those responsible for a company's digital security.